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General Goals
Learner Description
Learning Objectives
Instructional Plan
Plan for Assessment and Evaluation



Computers are incredibly powerful tools for teachers. They simplify teachers' lives by reducing paperwork and providing easy organization. This is no more the only use than watching the news is the only use of TV! Computers are valuable as teaching tools as well as learning tools. The first step in using computers with students is becoming comfortable with computers personally. Windows Movie Maker is a fun place to start.

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The purpose of the 'Movie Maker Mastery' curriculum web is twofold. First, it will present to teachers the benefits of multimedia in the classroom to engage students and increase retention. Second, it will provide an opportunity for mastery of the Windows Movie Maker software.
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As educators, we know that to engage our students, we need to meet then where they are. Just a few years ago, pictures were used primarily to reinforce text. Now, our students are so visually oriented that they see text as an aide for a visual message.

Teachers have been incorporating the visual into their classes for years. From pictures to filmstrips to laser disks to VCR's, and finally now DVD's, most teachers have adapted well. Now that most classrooms have at least one computer, there are many new ways to bring media into the classroom. These are exciting advances because instead of trying to find a DVD or video that applies to what they are teaching, teacher can make their own products that fit their needs exactly! These products can be easily edited so that if they cover content differently the next year, or if scientists make a new discovery, they can still use the product from the previous year, making the changes in a matter of minutes.

Windows Movie Maker is a great program to learn for several reasons. The first is availability. Movie Maker comes free with MS Windows! If it is for some reason not on a computer, it can be downloaded from Microsoft's web page for free. Another asset is the ease of use. Teachers who already have images or video on their computer for a subject can create a high -quality movie in a matter of minutes. A quick internet search can provide any other needed graphics. Movie Maker is a user-friendly, versatile tool.

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General Goals

This curriculum web was developed by a technology instructor who sees teachers using computers only for bookkeeping. The lack of interest in exploiting the multimedia power of their computers is a disservice to the students and a waste of money. The first goal of this web is to convince teachers that using multimedia in the classroom is not only useful and engaging, but also has the potential to increase student' retention of content. The second goal is to provide an opportunity for professional development by providing instructions for the use of Windows Media Maker. Copyright rules for capturing online media will also be discussed as they apply.
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Learner Description

This professional development web is designed for teachers who are reluctant and/or unable to use multimedia in the classroom. It can also be used to teach Windows Movie Maker to 8th - 12th grade students. Users should have basic computer knowledge and access to a Windows PC with internet access.
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Before using this Curriculum Web, teachers should be able to:

  • Be open minded towards new techniques in the classroom
  • Access programs on a computer
  • Use a web browser to move between web pages
  • Use a search engine

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The three main focuses of this curriculum web are the attitude of teachers towards multimedia use in the classroom, instruction for the use of Windows Movie Maker, and use of the resulting multimedia in the classroom to increase students' retention. Specific topics will include:


  • Studies on the use of Multimedia in education
  • Comparison of lessons with and without Multimedia

Movie Maker skills:

  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Transitions
  • Effects
  • Titles
  • Credits/Copyright info
  • File types/Saving
  • CD Burning

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this curriculum web, teachers will be able to:

  • Recognize the value of multimedia in instruction
  • Design a Movie Maker movie to augment a lesson
  • Capture pictures, video, and audio from the internet
  • Apply copyright laws to media taken from internet
  • Import video, pictures, and audio into Movie Maker
  • Arrange media appropriately on a timeline
  • Add effects and transitions
  • Add titles and credits
  • Save a movie on a computers
  • Burn a movie on a cd

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Instructional Plan

Teacher mastery of the Movie Maker software will only increase student retention if the teacher knows how to use it in the classroom. The first purpose of this curriculum web is to show teachers the benefits and the how-to's of using multimedia in their classroom. The second purpose is to equip teachers to do just that by familiarizing them with the software.

Begin by having the teachers open the curriculum web. Begin by walking them through the arguments for the importance of multimedia. Direct them to the examples of the different approaches and emphasize that:

  1. this generation is even more visual than we are, so as much as this meant to you it means much more to them, and

  2. you only have to make a multimedia project once, but you will use it many, many times.

Next, have them open Windows Movie Maker and begin the module.

Please leave any feedback by clicking on the link at the bottom of each page.
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  • All the web pages I make.
  • A computer for each teacher containing a connection to the internet, a web browser, and Windows Movie Maker.
  • A way to save work - a cd, flash drive, or access to a server.

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Plan for Assessment and Evaluation

Rubrics for self-assessment will be provided at the end of each section of the curriculum. Users should use the rubric to help themselves create a high quality product. Whole rubric:

Movie Maker Rubric

Appearance All graphics are clear and unpixelated 1 or 2 graphics are somewhat blurry Several blurry graphics
Relevance All graphics are relevant to topic 1 or 2 graphics are somewhat irrelevant Several graphics do not belong
Timing Graphics appear long enough to make their point, but not too long 1 or 2 graphics disappear too soon or remain for too long Several graphics disappear too soon or remain for too long
Appropriate All effects enhance pictures and augment the flow of the movie 1 or 2 effects distract viewer from intent of movie Several effects are distracting
Appropriate All transitions enhance pictures and augment the flow of the movie 1 or 2 transitions distract viewer from intent of movie Several transitions are distracting
Timing Transitions last an appropriate amount of time 1 or 2 transitions go too quickly or drag out too long Several transitions go too quickly or drag out too long
Contrast Good contrast between text and background; easy to see 1 or 2 titles have poor contrast Several titles have poor contrast
Font choice Readable font; appropriate for subject Font hard to read; distracts from subject Font unreadable
Animation Title animations are artistic and add interest 1 or 2 animations are distracting Several animations are distracting
Timing Titles are visible for an appropriate amount of time Title timing is off - needs more work Titles go too fast to read or last so long viewer gets restless
Relevance Audio is relevant to Movie. Adds interest and encourages comprehension Some audio is relevant, but some is just for fun Audio distracts viewer from intent of Movie
Volume All audio clips are the same volume 1 or 2 clips are louder or softer than others Clips vary in volume, distracting listener's attention


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Google Images The best place to get pictures of anything, as long as you’re not limited by a filter like you are when using a CUSD200 computer. Be careful! You can get inappropriate pictures even when looking for innocent things (which is why it’s blocked by CUSD200.)

Webplaces – Clipart Free clipart. Categorized and searchable.

NASA Image Exchange Free multimedia from NASA. Searchable.

FreeFoto Great site for free photographs! Searchable.

FreeStockPhotos More good searchable photos.

NOAA Photo Library A collection of picture albums on subjects including severe weather, oceans, flying, and much more.

Animation Library By far the best place to get animations! My first source every time.

Webplaces – Sounds Free sounds. Categorized and searchable.

The Wave Collection Sounds and themes from classic television shows.

A1 Free Sound Effects Free sound effects

AWD Productions More free sound effects

FreePlay Music Free music. You can choose your own style and feel, and/or your own instruments.


The Fair Use Network This site contains information on copyright and fair use.

Copyright and Fair Use, Stanford University This is Stanford University’s site on fair use and copyright.

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A value or setting that a program automatically selects if you do not specify a substitute. For example, word processors have default margins that you can change.



A fancy name for pictures on a computer. Includes pictures that hold still and pictures that move.


Hard Drive:

Your computer’s memory – the storage place for programs and data. When you save to your desktop, or to 'My Documents.'



Enlarge a window to its maximum size.

Menu bar:

A horizontal menu that appears on top of a window


convert a window into an icon in the taskbar. Window is not closed, just not on the screen.


A computer that manages a network (two or more computers linked together). In CUSD200, every teacher and student has their own folder on a server.



the bar at the bottom of the screen that shows the icons of the applications (programs) you have open. It allows you to switch between, and change your view of, applications




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