An Example
Writing Your Own BIOPOEM


What is a Biopoem? A Biopoem is a poem that describes a person in 11 lines. There is a specific formula to use when writing a bio poem.

(First name)-

(Four adjectives that describe the person)

Son or Daughter of (your parents names)

Lover of (three different things that the person loves)

Who feels (three different feelings and when or where they are felt)

Who gives (three different things the person gives)

Who fears (three different fears the person has)

Who would like to see (three different things the person would like to see)

Who lives (a brief description of where the person lives)

-(last name)

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For Example:



Adventurous, curious, earthy, and caring

Daughter of Marge and Seth

Lover of climbing, fishing, biking

Who feels relaxed with friends, happy on holidays, and energetic when outdoors

Who gives love, patience, and encouragement

Who fears large exams, big black hairy spiders, and mice

Who would like to see Alaska, the Black Sea,and India.

Who lives in Chicago, Illinois



Now you're ready to create your own. Click here to begin.

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