An Example
Writing Your Own Couplets

What are rhymiing couplets? In Couplet poems, lines 1 and 2 rhyme, and lines 3 and 4 rhyme (not necessarily with lines 1 and 2). There are usually 4-6 lines to a verse.

.....bat A
.....cat A
.....dog B
.....log B

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For example:

Decorator Hermit Crab

There was a little hermit crab
Who thought his tank was rather drab
At first he didn't know what to do
Then decorated with pink and blue.
Now he is no longer crabby
With his new home, he's rather happy!

©2001 Vanessa Pike-Russell


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Now it's time to try your own couplets.

In the space provided write 4 couplets.
Each pair should have the same central idea, and rhyme.
If you need help rhyming go to Rhyme Zone.

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Couplet 1

Couplet 2

Couplet 3

Couplet 4


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